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Kate Moberly Psychotherapy and SupervisionBased in Reading, Berks and Online

EMDR Therapy                                    in Reading, Berks and Online



EMDR is a highly effective therapy technique used to help process distressing memories that have become ‘stuck’ or ‘frozen’ in the mind and body. It can be used to treat issues ranging from PTSD to depression, anxiety and low self-esteem and is recommended as part of the NHS NICE guidelines for treating Post-traumatic stress disorder.




Developed in the late 1980s by Francine Shapiro, EMDR was initially mainly used to treat those who were experiencing PTSD. 


More recently, as understanding of trauma and the brain has expanded, EMDR therapy is increasingly used to process the smaller traumatic events that occur in all our lives. In certain circumstances, these events can have a profound effect on self esteem and mental wellbeing, keeping us stuck in negative patterns of thought and behaviour.  


EMDR therapy can allow you to get rid of your symptoms, to move past the past and live fully and freely in the present!





Put simply, EMDR works by targeting specific key memories and using bilateral stimulation (this may take the form of watching light moving backwards and forwards, holding alternating buzzers, listening to sounds that move from left to right ear, or tapping) to allow the memory to be reprocessed.


I will help you identify what might be the root cause of your present-day symptoms and then will work with you to identity these key memories using a ‘bridge back in time’ technique. I will then gently guide you through a reprocessing of the memory. You remain in control of the process at all times. 





I have been working as an EMDR therapist for over 15 years now and I continue to be amazed at what a huge difference this technique can make to people’s lives! I am an accredited EMDR practioner with EMDR Europe


I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have and explain more about the EMDR process in a phone conversation. 


If you are interested in finding out more about my work as an EMDR therapist and would like to book a session, either in person in Reading town centre, or online please get in touch on: katemoberly14@gmail.com. 



Interested in finding out more or booking a session?


Get in touch at: katemoberly14@gmail.com